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Region Circle EHV S/S Parameter From To
Feeder wise Hourly Averag MW of 220KV SARNI Sub Station in BETUL Circle for Dated 28 Jan 2021 Label Label
Circle NameS/S NameFeeder NameGroupDcodeHrs1Hrs2Hrs3Hrs4Hrs5Hrs6Hrs7Hrs8Hrs9Hrs10Hrs11Hrs12Hrs13Hrs14Hrs15Hrs16Hrs17Hrs18Hrs19Hrs20Hrs21Hrs22Hrs23Hrs24
220KV SARNI33KV PATHAKHEDAVIIID221.81.822.            2
220KV SARNI33KV NCDCXID232.93.13.444.            3.1
220KV SARNI33KV POWER HOUSEXID2000000.100000.1             
220KV SARNI33KV SHOBHAPURXID21.             
220KV SARNI132KV TRACTION IxOSD20.             
220KV SARNI33KV BUS COUPLERyB/CD200000000000             
    Total MW16.214.413.114.61616.9182124.725.925.30000000000005.1
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