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Intrruption Report of All Feeders Feeder of 132kV AMBAH Sub Station for Dated 13 Oct 2019
ssidFeeder NameFeeder StatusMETERIDSwitcing DateSwitching TimeCur_MWLoad_rel_MWOff DurationTotal Off DurationActual Supply Hours
13233KV THARAOFFSPXF46481813 Oct 1912:44:130.0001000:04:0007:02:5916:57:01
13233KV THARAONSPXF46481813 Oct 1912:48:133.39083.3908   
13233KV THARAOFFSPXF46481814 Oct 1909:56:130.0001006:58:59  
13233KV THARAONSPXF46481814 Oct 1916:55:120.08130.0813   
13233KV GOTHOFFSPMPC5981514 Oct 1908:27:180.0001000:06:5800:22:5923:37:01
13233KV GOTHONSPMPC5981514 Oct 1908:34:160.1370.137   
13233KV GOTHOFFSPMPC5981514 Oct 1908:55:160.0002000:07:01  
13233KV GOTHONSPMPC5981514 Oct 1909:02:171.29871.2987   
13233KV GOTHOFFSPMPC5981514 Oct 1912:51:150.0002000:09:00  
13233KV GOTHONSPMPC5981514 Oct 1913:00:150.19640.1964   
13233KV GUNJBADAOFFSPMPC5980614 Oct 1907:01:180.0003000:04:0300:04:0323:55:57
13233KV GUNJBADAONSPMPC5980614 Oct 1907:05:212.70092.7009   
Feeder OFF status is evaluated by comparing Load with .01 MW or .03MW(Energy Meter with Higher Creeping)