Entirely Inhouse Developed in R&d Lab
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(Highlighted Where Max. MVAR Higher then 50% of Corresponding MVA)
This Report is drawn from average of instantaneous readings
SrSub StationFeederMeter IDMax MVARMWMVAPFDate of Max MVARTime of Max MVAR% MVAR of MVA Avg of Sel. Para for sel. Period
1132kV AMBAH33KV THARASPXF4648184.289.621310.530.9124 Sep 202006:30:1240.653.03
2 33KV AMBAHSPMPC599783.810.210.90.923 Sep 202009:00:0034.863.13
3 33KV ESHAHSPMPC597902.664.72975.430.8723 Sep 202011:30:1448.991.38
4 33KV GOTHSPMPC59815000123 Sep 202000:30:0300
5 33KV XMER-5MVASPMPC598370.772.24872.380.9524 Sep 202008:00:1632.350.61
6 33KV RACHHEDSPMPC588895.6910.725312.140.8823 Sep 202011:15:1746.873.7
7 33KV GUNJBADASPMPC598063. Sep 202013:15:0051.612.11
8 33KV PARIKSHITPURASPXB577462000123 Sep 202000:30:0300
9 33KV BUS COUPLERSPXF4648170.030.08040.080.9523 Sep 202014:30:2237.50.01